Pop-Up Preview: Ticket To Ride: Europe



In our Pop-Up Preview posts we take a look at some of our lesser known games to help you uncover something new to try out at our pop up board game cafe!

In this post we will look a proper board game with an actual board! A modern classic: TICKET TO RIDE.


What is it?

Race to claim railway routes across Europe and get points when you join up popular journeys. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

If your past board gaming experience is limited to the likes of Monopoly and Game of Life, you have to try Ticket to Ride! It is as simple to learn but so much more fun!


How does it work?

On the board is a map of Europe with lines that represent train routes between cities.

Each train route has a number coloured rectangles along it, for example Amsterdam to Essen has three yellow rectangle . To place his trains on these rectangles and claim this route, a player
must save up three yellow cards and play them on his turn.

You score points for every route you claim (the longer routes get you more points) and if you can join up several routes together in a chain you might complete one of your personal ‘mission’ cards for bonus points at the end of the game!

Any sneaky board gamers will really enjoy trying to guess the other players personal ‘mission’ cards and put trains down to try and block them.

Players keep playing until all of train pieces have been placed. Then the player with the longest joined up train route gets some cheeky bonus points. Players then reveal any secret ‘mission’ cards that they have managed to complete, all the scores are added up and the player with the most points wins!


Who will like this game?

There is something for everyone in Ticket To Ride. The basic premise of the game is so simple (collect coloured cards, use them to place trains on coloured spaces), anybody can learn it. But as you play more there are different strategies to try out – maybe save up tickets for the longer routes, try to block your opponents or just try finish as quickly as possible. And the secret ‘mission’ cards means your objectives change every time you play so each game is different and exciting!

It makes for a great family game but competitive groups of friends will love this too!