Do I need to be there in time for the start of your event?

Nope – stop by at any point and if there’s a table free, you can sit down and start gaming. Of course, the earlier you arrive the more board games you can fit in!


Why do you charge an entry fee?

Charging an entry fee allows us to maintain the collection. If games get worn out or pieces get lost, we can replace them. If we discover a new game to share with you, we can add it to the collection and you can play it at our next event!


But £3 per person? Our group could buy a new game to keep at home for the same money!

We don’t disagree – many of the games in our collection can be picked up for under £20. In fact, we love it when people are moved to buy a board game they have played at our pop up café as it means we are fulfilling our mission of bringing more games to more people!

But we still think £3 represents great value. For less than the price of a SINGLE cinema ticket, a family of four can come spend a fun, social afternoon out together and can spend hours trying out an unlimited number of different games every time you visit.

And of the course The Board Game Guy will be on hand to give personalised recommendations and make light work of explaining those tiresome rulebooks, so all that you have to do is kick back and relax, play board games and eat cake!


Are children allowed?

Of course! We also have plenty of games suitable for children, but be warned, sometimes the grown-ups enjoy these games the most!