Pop Up Preview: Sushi Go!



In our Pop-Up Preview posts we take a look at some of our lesser known games to help you uncover something new to try out at our next pop up board game café event!

In this post we take at one of the best card games around: SUSHI GO!


What is it?

You play hungry fans of Japanese food competing to put a delicious meal together as dishes whiz past you on an imaginary sushi belt! Different combinations of sushi cards are worth points and the player with the most points after three rounds wins!


How does it work?

Sushi Go! is unlike traditional card games in that gameplay is based around ‘card drafting’ – sounds complicated but it couldn’t be simpler and is reallllly fun. Each player starts a round with 10 cards in their hand. Each turn, each player will – at the same time – pick a card from their hand place it face down on the table. Once everyone has picked, all players reveal their cards at th
e same time. Each player then passes the9 remaining cards to the player to their left, players choose a card from the 9 in their hand to place face down on the table, and then reveal it at the same time as other players. You carry on like this until the end of the round when the cards you have on the table in front of you are scored.

You get points for collecting certain sets of dishes. For example, two tempuras are worth 5 points for the pair (it’s a deep-fried delight – you can’t eat just one piece of tempura!), so if you got two then that’s five points added to your score. If you only got one, unfortunately that is worth zero!


Who will like this game?

If you like card games then you have to try this. ‘Card drafting’ means you not only get to think about what is the best card for you to take, but also know what the person to your left will get to choose from on their next turn! So there are loads of interesting decisions to make.

It’s also incredible satisfying when you’re strategy pays off, like when you pick up that third sashimi card for a huge 10 points (as a true delicacy, sashimi takes time to fully appreciate so is worth zero unless you can get a set of three)!

Finally, it just looks ace. Just look at the pictures!