Pop Up Preview: Patchwork



In our Pop-Up Preview posts we take a look at some of our lesser known games to help you uncover something new to try out at our next pop up board game café event!

In this post we will look one of our absolute favourites: PATCHWORK.


What is it?

Patchwork is basically Tetris in a board game. The aim is to piece together unique bits of cardboard quilt in a little jigsaw puzzle so that each player creates their own personal patchwork by the end of the game.

As your little rag-tag blanket grows you accumulate money (ACTUAL BUTTONS!) and the player with the most buttons at the end of the game is the winner!

How does it work?

Each player starts the game with five buttons (the game’s currency) and a blank player board in front of them.
On their turn, a player will pick one of the unique bits cardboard quilt that is available to them and place it on their player board in front of them.

Each quilt piece has a cost that the player must pay when they place it. Some quilt pieces have little button logos on them – this means that they give you more buttons (money!) as the game goes on. So try to get these get these, but be warned, they are expensive!

Players take it in turns to place quilt pieces into their patchwork jigsaw until the game is over.

At this point each player counts up how many buttons they have then subtracts points for the number of spaces on their player board they didn’t cover with quilt to the reach their final score. Whoever scores highest wins!

Who will like this game?

Fitting together the quilt pieces is super-satisfying to anybody who likes Tetris or jigsaws. It also looks amazing as each piece has a unique shape and pattern! It’s really simple to learn, but can get quite tactical after a couple of games once you figure out how to scupper your opponent’s plans!